Ferienhaus in 08758 CERVELLO

Ferienhaus CERVELLO


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The classics said that knowledge has no place, but perhaps they meant that knowledge consists precisely in knowledge to occupy your place in life. It is certainly a polyhedral matter, but as for a home, we can offer a very satisfactory solution. The house has to be elegant and functional, spacious and plenty of light, surrounded by nature but integrated in the urban center of a town that in turn is 15 minutes from Barcelona. Also renovated with taste and style very recently. It is an option that offers no doubts. Eight rooms, six bathrooms, each with its own personality. Landscaped area and pool, with beautiful panoramic views, and a fantastic garage for four cars, with plenty of space to maneuver. And the best of all is that the house offers a whole plant to test your imagination, creativity and needs, as it can be projected from an apartment by guests in a playground, a winery ... Swimmingpools: 1Energiedaten:
 Energieausweis: liegt vor
 HWB: 442,00
 HWB Klasse: G

Energieausweisangaben: HWB: 442.0 HWB Klasse: G .

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